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In late 2004, we unveiled our newly re-designed Website to members - more features, more information, and new ways to communicate between you and your union. Part of the Website ... the Members Section ... includes information regarding your benefit plans. Here, you can read and download copies of the plans; access pension annuity and other forms; and get answers to frequently asked questions regarding your plans. In the past Members were required to provide their social security number and their date of birth in order to gain access. Starting with the new year, we've made it easier ... and safer ... for you to get access to the Members Only section. Effective January 1, 2005, we will no longer use your personal information for log-in purposes. Instead, you will Register with the Local 164 Website. Once registered, you will be able to gain access by simply using your eMail address and a unique password that you'll create. We've added new features that will allow you to request help if you ever forget your password too, as well as the ability to change your eMail address should you ever move. It's all been designed to better protect your personal information in the information age! When entering the Members section for the first time in 2005, please follow the Register Now link. The process is simple, fast and painless - just be sure to thoroughly read and follow the step-by-step instructions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Joint Boards Office at Fabian & Bryn at (973) 228-4200

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