Monthly Resign

This form is ONLY for those who are on the book (out of work list) already.  Members of the Electrical Division must come to the Union Hall in person for initial placement on the list, members of the Teledata Division must call in or email with a copy of their layoff slip

Read Carefully - - - Re-sign -  - - You are required to check in every 30 days.  

THE FIRST DAY YOU SIGN THE BOOK IS DAY ONE.  The 30-day count includes weekends and holidays.  It is 30 calendar days.  

If you are on Disability  or traveling the same 30-days applies as well. You must maintain your spot on the list.  

After 30-days you are automatically removed from the list if you do not check-in.  Please keep a record as you check in every 30-days.

You do not have to be present to resign.  You can fax or email the information below to 201-265-6555 /; or  Resigns must have: First Name, Last Name, Card Number, and Home Local Union Number.

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